Thursday, 23 August 2012

My very first post (and blog!)

My daughter has a sewing blog and she helped me to set up my very own quilting blog. I am still learning all this 'blogger' jargon but it seems to be going ok for now. 

After 20 years of waiting, I finally have my own sewing room. As a christmas gift to myself, I also purchased a new quilting desk (my husband didn't even notice ha ha). 

I have a few projects on the go. First, a baby quilt that I was hoping to give to my niece. We were all positive it might be a boy but it turned out to be a lovely baby girl named Lilah. I am thinking of giving the quilt to my nephew who just had a cute baby boy intsead. I bought the fabric from Connecting Threads. For the backing, I used all the spare pieces of fabric.

the backing
My daughter and I bought a kit at the LQS to do as a "mother-daughter" quilt. We started off splitting and each making half the blocks. 6 months later, we happened upon the same kit so we bought that one too and are now each making our own version. I like to do a practice block before the official block so that I can make a mistake without wasting the kit fabric. Right now, I have two versions of the quilt on the go- my material and the kit material. I have 5 blocks left!

LQS kit

practice blocks


  1. Welcome to blogland, Kim. I love your balloon quilt. I just became a follower so I can see all the pretty things your create.

  2. Welcome to the blogging world. Since it was my son who set me up in this activity, I know it will be fun to share. I envy your room and love your works.

  3. Thanks Winona and Julie for your lovely comments.

  4. Congrats on starting your blog! My daughter has a quilting blog, and I am getting my courage up. I will enjoy reading about mother/daughter quilting times, as my sweet daughter is in Sweden, and I am in Florida...